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Global Warming

Unitarian Universalists’ 2006 Statement of Conscience

Each year the national leadership of the Unitarian Universalists of America focuses on one important topic for social action.  The issue chosen for 2006 was Global Warming. Below, please find excerpts from our statement:

“We declare by this Statement of Conscience that we will not acquiesce to the ongoing degradation and destruction of life that human actions are leaving to our children and grandchildren. We as Unitarian Universalists are called to join with others to halt practices that fuel global warming/climate change, to instigate sustainable alternatives, and to mitigate the impending effects of global warming/climate change with just and ethical responses. As a people of faith, we commit to a renewed reverence for life and respect for the interdependent web of all existence."

“Affirming that we are of this earth and that humankind has brought about global warming/climate change, we, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, pledge to ground our missions and ministries in reverence for this earth and responsibility to it as we undertake these personal practices, congregational actions, and advocacy goals.”

The UUFLB Social Action committee has compiled three pages of information and tips on this important issue: 

  • LEARNING – find books, movies and articles to help you learn more about global warming and its effects
  • LIVING – discover things that you can do to lessen your impact on the environment
  • TAKING ACTION – explore web resources that compile information on upcoming environmental legislation and sustainable industry
If you would like to read the unabridged Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2006 Statement of Conscience on "Threat of Global Warming/Climate Change," please visit http://www.uua.org/socialjustice/socialjustice/statements/8061.shtml.

For other statements of conscience, please visit http://www.uua.org/socialjustice/socialjustice/index.php and search on "Statements of Conscience."